Welding 4 Sides of a Cube Using an Industrial Robot and a Turntable


In this video 4 sides of a cube is welded using an industrial robot and a turntable. The steps in IRBCAM are as follows:

  1. Load a robot into an empty station
  2. Attach a weldgun tool on the robot
  3. Load a turntable into the station and Edit it’s parameters (position)
  4. Load an STL file into the station, place it on the turntable and scale it
  5. Load the toolpath (APT file) into the station
  6. Interpolate the imported toolpath to have a maximum distance of 20mm between the targets
  7. Configure the toolpath using Dynamic Angle Mode 1 for the turntable
  8. Simulate the robot and turntable motion
  9. Export robot code, in this case on the RAPID format for ABB robots. The generated code is verified by IRBCAM to make sure that the robot does not stop in the middle of the job due to problems such as joint limit errors or singularities.