System requirements and recommendations

System requirements and recommendations

To assess if your system and browser is supported, and that the performance is sufficient, we recommend that you sign up for a free account. Login and test on the computer you intend to use before your buy a subscription. You may also request a time limited free trial of the full version

Operating system

  • In general the requirements are the same as the requirements to run the most recent version of your preferred browser. As of early 2024 these are the OS requirments to run recent browser versions:
    • Windows 10 or later
    • macOS 10.15 or later
    • Linux distribution capable of running the most recent Firefox or Chrome browser.
  • Tablets or mobile phones running iOS or Android are not supported but may be supported in the future.


  • The software runs in your browser and a recently updated browser version is recommended. Make sure to update your browser regularly. A recent browser is recommended for security reasons and to give the best possible user experience by taking advantage of new features and standards implemented by browser.
  • On startup, we will try to detect if your browser is supported and that the required browser settings are enabled. (e.g. Javascript must be enabled).
  • During development we test using different browsers, however it is most extensively tested in Firefox, Chrome and Chrome based browsers (e.g. Edge/Vivaldi) and less so on Safari.


  • A lot of the processing is performed locally in your browser, however some functions rely on communication with our servers so an internet connection is required.
  • A slow internet connection will have a performance impact on functions which require server communication such as loading a robot, generating robot code etc. An internet connection speed of 5mbit/s or better is recommended. All rendring and visualization is processed locally which means that a low latency is not critical.
  • Although some work can be performed without an internet connection, the software does not have an offline mode and it is recommended to be online while using to ensure that your work is correctly saved.


  • Regular mouse and keyboard is currently the only supported input devices. For more information about the control options refer to this page.
  • The 3D rendering performance will depend on the performance of your graphics card, but if your hardware is no older than 5 years old this should be no issue.
  • For the best experience we recommend a screen resolution of 1920x1080 or higher.