Release notes for irbcam-client v0.4.2


  • Open-sourced UI translations for IRBCAM client on GitHub
  • Support for plugins (can be loaded locally and from server).
  • Added fallback for loading of text-files if utf-8 encoding check fails. This will solve most issues with loading non-utf-8 encoded text-files
  • Turntable options in configure path are now hidden when no turntable is loaded
  • Selected target is now previewed whenever assets (robot/tool/turntable) are changed
  • Robot code generation for ABB turntables

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where tool roll mode was not updating correctly
  • Fixed an issue where some warning messages in load station were displayed as errors and vice versa
  • Fixed issue with kinematics not recognizing when turntable is unloaded
  • Fixed issue with user frame not reorienting correctly when turntable is unloaded
  • Fixed issue with user frame and turntable not re-parenting correctly when turntable is unloaded or robot is changed
  • Fixed issue with configured path not being reset when turntable angle is changed (made it appear as though the turntable angle was detached after configuring path)