Importing a Custom Tool from IRBCAM Legacy

The definition of the 3D X,Y,Z coordinates have changed from IRBCAM Legacy to the new version. The X-axis is the same in both versions, while the Y and Z axes are different. The sceenshot below shows what will happen when a custom tool on the VRML file format (*.wrl) used with IRBCAM Legacy is imported into the new IRBCAM. As can be seen in the screenshot, the orientation of the custom tool is no longer correct.

In order to re-use custom tools from IRBCAM Legacy in the new version of IRBCAM, a 90 degree rotation about the X-axis is required. For this purpose the free software can be used. In the example below select the object in the scene editor on the top right and change the object rotation to 90 degrees about the X-axis. Finally select the File menu and export to the GLTF format.

This generated GLTF file from threejs can be imported into the new IRBCAM as a custom tool. It can be seen in the screenshot below that the orientation of the custom tool from the Legacy version is now corrected for use in the new IRBCAM.