Export User Defined Object from SolidWorks Visualize

  1. Export object from SolidWorks Visualize to format *.GLB (the binary format).

option 1: (only using Visualize standalone)

  • Open solidworks visualize (standalone program)
  • In “File” menu click import (or Crtl + I) and select your model (N.B deselect “snap to floor”)

Option 2: (through SolidWorks)

  • Open SolidWorks
  • Enable Visualize add-in
  • Open “SOLIDWORKS Visualize” tab
  • Click “Export Simple” or “Export advanced”
  • Reset coordinate system (defaults to “snapt to floor”): open “Models” tab (yellow cube) → right click on your model → Transform → Reset

In SolidWorks Visualize

  • In “File” menu click export → “… Project” or “… selected models and parts”
  • Save as type: "Compressed Binary GL Transmission Format (*.draco.glb)
  1. Go to https://threejs.org/editor in your favorite browser
  • File->New
  • File->Import (Select the *.GLB model exported from SolidWorks Visualize)
  • File->Export GLTF
  1. In IRBCAM
  • Edit - Additional Objects - Add - User defined
  • Click on Source: “No source selected”
  • Click on Upload: Select *.GLTF file from step 2 and give the object a name
  • Select the new named object from the list
  • Position, rotate or scale the object in IRBCAM as needed

PS: IRBCAM requires the *.GLTF to be one single file. The exported *.GLTF from SolidWorks Visualize contains several files, including *.BIN files, and is not supported by IRBCAM directly. Hence, the second step using threejs.