Activate a Robot Model for Code Generation

Depending on your license of IRBCAM, you can generate robot code for a limited number of robots. This should not be a problem, since most users only have one physical robot or only a few different robot types.

When you first try to generate robot code for a new robot type, a screen like the one shown below will appear:

Note that at the bottom it says in red color: “Robot must be activated before generating robot code”. Click on the button below this message which says “OPEN ROBOT LIST”.

The current robot in your station will be preselected and to the right there is a white check-mark as shown below for the MOTOMAN SV3 robot in this example:


It is important to activate the robot model which is currently active in your station, and not another model. Click on the white check-mark and the following pop-up will appear:


The total number of robots which you can activate depends on your type of license. In this example a total of 5 different robot models can be activated and there are currently 0 activated robots. Click on CONFIRM.

Select “Export Robot Code” again and this time the pop-up will be as shown below:

Now the button at the bottom right says “EXPORT” and robot code for the activated robot can be generated.

If you go back to the robot list, you will notice that the white check-mark next to the activated robot has turned blue instead of white, as shown below: