ABB Robot and Linear Track Motion

In this tutorial it will be demonstrated how to use an ABB IRB6640 robot and a linear track motion to machine a large rectangular shape.

First, load the linear track IRBT 6004 into an empty project as shown below.

Next, load an ABB IRB6640-2.55-180 robot into the project using the spindle ELTE - TMA4. Define the user frame at X=2000, Y=-1000, Z=500 and RZ=-90. Create a cuboid to represent a machining table as shown below:

Next, import the APT file rectangle.apt available for download at the bottom of this tutorial. Select Edit - Targets and Configure Max Distance. Set the parameters as shown below:

Click on CONFIGURE. The number of targets should now have increased from 7 to 163.

Next, click on SOLVE PATH and define the parameters as shown below:


With these settings the entire path should be configured. Note that IRBCAM starts with a tool roll angle (RZ2) of -80 degrees and ends with RZ2 = -77. Without this modification of RZ2 in the middle of the path (from target 81 to 82) the robot would not be able to reach all the targets.

When the path is solved successfully, the final robot code (RAPID language for ABB) can be generated. (239 Bytes)